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A warm & aromatic chilli paste with red peppers, chillies, and rose petals - a staple flavour of Middle Eastern cuisine, originating from North Africa.

Toss through couscous or over warm roasted vegetables for an aromatic flavour, drizzle over houmous or mix with mayonaise to make a delicious dip with a kick, or even just spoon into your scrambled eggs to spice things up.


Al'fez Rose Harissa Paste 180G

  • Red Peppers (27%), Water, Tomato Puree, Chillies (13%), Rapeseed Oil, Garlic, White Wine Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Modified Tapioca Starch, Rose Petals (1%), Cumin, Colour (Plain Caramel), Coriander, Concentrated Lemon Juice.

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