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Organic Jasmine Loose Leaf Green Tea. Aromatic, Floral, Light. Product of China.


Steenbergs loose leaf organic jasmine green tea has a refreshing sweet taste, with a pleasing long-lasting floral aftertaste. The flavour is not chemically added, the fresh flowers are underneath the green tea for a period of time, whilst the green tea is drying and the scent permeates through.


The most celebrated Chinese scented green tea - Jasmine Tea. Since the Sung Dynasty-  some 800 years ago - delicate jasmine flowers have added fragrance and flavour to organic green teas. The characteristic floral flavour is really delicious and goes really well with food. Steenbergs Jasmine tea is grown in Fujian Province in China.

Jasmine Loose Leaf Green Tea Organic

  • Organic green tea from China, natural jasmine flavour.


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