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Organic Maca Powder (100g). Product of Peru.


Maca is continuing to grow in popularity thanks to its energising properties, plus it's a source of vitamin B6, calcium and iron which can help to regulate your metabolism. Maca has a pleasant malty taste that works well in porridge and creamy smoothies, and you can even slip it into brownies and chocolate mousse


Maca root is a tuberose root that comes from an annual herbaceous perennial native to Peru and Bolivia that reaches a height of 10-20cm. The basal leaves form a rosette and are bi-pinnate and feathery and grow to approximately 20-25cm in length along a long, fleshy stem, they are mid green in colour. The small 4-petaled flowers form in some of the centre of the basal leaf axils, they are off-white in colour. The roots resemble a turnip in size and shape and can be black, red or yellow in colour.

Maca Powder (100g) Organic

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  • Shelf life of two years provided that goods are stored in an airtight container in ambient conditions.

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